Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Brooke is my 11 year old grand daughter. She has been living with us for a while now and we enjoy the heck out of her. She is funny and very talented. She is always singing and busy. She went to Boston to visit her grandparents there over the Christmas holiday. She came home with a bag full of sea glass and some pretty shells. She had a lot of fun. We missed her though. It has been interesting to have a young one living with us. I forgot all the drama an eleven can bring to household. A good friend of mine took Brooke skiing for the first time over the weekend. She had a great day Saturday. She called me to tell me she was picking it up quickly and what a wonderful day she had. Sunday she came home tired and worn out. Turns out she thought she was ready for the big hill and at the top she realized she was not. She managed to get down the hill with the help of friends and the ski patrol. She got a free lesson from the ski patrol. She said she will try it again. I hope she does. Brooke is also a reader. She has read all 4 of the twilight books. She gets so excited about them she gets to good parts and tells me all about them. I am ready to read the books myself she makes them sound so interesting. Brooke is a joy and we love her dearly.