Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day Of Spring

The weather is beautiful outside and the buds are popping out of the ground.. I saw a bunch a new bunnies hopping around on the lawn soaking up the sun... The Rockchucks are starting to show up around the rocks.. (RockChucks are good sized ground hog looking critters that hang out in the rocks around town)

It looks like Spring to me!

I am looking forward to everything turning green again and the flowers to show up. I planted a bunch of of plants that are suppose to come back this year. I am excited to see them again... I love Spring I think it is my favorite season.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dakota Turned 8!

Dakota had a fun day for his birthday. He went to Outer Limits Pocatello's version of a Chucky Cheese type place and to McDonalds before we went home for cake. It was a fun time for all.

Tallis, Shea and Clayton went with and they played on the jungle gym and played a bunch of video games to win tickets to buy little things. They played for hours then we went to McDonalds and they played for another hour until I just could not take it anymore.. LOL

When we arrived home Grandma Great, Michelle, her friend Summer and her baby came with a wonderful Ice Cream Cake for Dakota.

It was a fun day and Dakota loved every minute of it.